Jake and Sherry Demo From Gamescom Is Here!

Capcom has posted the gameplay demo of a mission in Resident Evil 6 that features Jake and Sherry from Gamescom. If you weren’t able to attend like us, this is a good treat for gamers and Resident Evil fans a like. Check it out above and Resident Evil 6 is due out November 20th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Full Resident Evil 6 Achievements Will Infect You

Today the full achievement list (with some possible spoilers) was released for Resident Evil 6. It looks like it features achievements for everything from the Ada Wong missions to the main story..so again…there could be some spoilers in there…read at your own risk.

The Longest Night (10) – Complete the tutorial.
Gone to Hell (15) – Complete Chapter 1 in Leon’s campaign.
Buried Secrets (15) – Complete Chapter 2 in Leon’s campaign.
Get on the Plane (15) – Complete Chapter 3 in Leon’s campaign.
Big Trouble in China (15) – Complete Chapter 4 in Leon’s campaign.
The Trouble with Women (15) – Complete Chapter 5 in Leon’s campaign.
Rescue the Hostages (15) – Complete Chapter 1 in Chris’ campaign.
Tragedy in Europe (15) – Complete Chapter 2 in Chris’ campaign.
After Her! (15) – Complete Chapter 3 in Chris’ campaign.
There’s Always Hope (15) – Complete Chapter 4 in Chris’ campaign.
Duty Calls (15) – Complete Chapter 5 in Chris’ campaign.
Money Talks (15) – Complete Chapter 1 in Jake’s campaign.
A Revolting Development (15) – Complete Chapter 2 in Jake’s campaign.
Let’s Blow This Joint (15) – Complete Chapter 3 in Jake’s campaign.
Still on the Run (15) – Complete Chapter 4 in Jake’s campaign.
See You Around (15) – Complete Chapter 5 in Jake’s campaign.
Green around the Ears (15) – Complete the entire game on Amateur.
Normal Is Good (30) – Complete the entire game on Normal.
Back in My Day (30) – Complete the entire game on Veteran.
Leave It to the Pro (90) – Complete the entire game on Professional.
Check Out My Dogs (15) – Customize your dog tags.
Titular Achievement (15) – Earn (10) different titles.
One Is Better Than None (15) – Purchase one skill.
Mad Skillz (90) – Max out all the skills that allow you to level up.
Silent Killer (15) – Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies.
Finish What You Start (15) – Perform a coup de grâce on ten enemies.
Bob and Weave (15) – Counter an enemy’s attack three times in row.
Down, Not Out (15) – Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.
Lifesaver (15) – Help or rescue your partner ten times.
Weapons Master (30) – Use all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them.
Give a Little Push (15) – Knock ten enemies off a high place.
Rising Up (30) – Earn a level-four title.
They’re ACTION Figures! (15) – Collect 3 figures.
Stuntman (15) – Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot.
Bring the Heat (15) – Take down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.
High Voltage (15) – Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.
Zombie Massacre (15) – Defeat 500 zombies.
J’avo Genocide (15) – Defeat 500 J’avo.
B.O.W.s Are Ugly (30) – Defeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid.
I Prefer Them Alive (15) – Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.
Flying Ace (15) – Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.
Hard Choice (15) – Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.
Covered in Brass (30) – Earn 150 different medals.
Heirlooms (30) – Collect all the serpent emblems.
Secret Achievements -

I Spy (15) – Complete Chapter 1 in Ada’s campaign.
Counterintelligence (15) – Complete Chapter 2 in Ada’s campaign.
This Takes Me Back (15) – Complete Chapter 3 in Ada’s campaign.
Ada’s Demise (15) – Complete Chapter 4 in Ada’s campaign.
What’s Next? (15) – Complete Chapter 5 in Ada’s campaign.
Sneaking Around (15) – Get through the aircraft carrier’s bridge area without being noticed.

Resident Evil 6 hits stores for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 2, 2012. PC version due at a later time.

Ada Wong or Zombie…That Is The Question!

Earlier this week we were treated to the announcement of Ada Wong being a playable character in Resident Evil 6. She will have her own campaign and will provide her perspective on the bio-terror outbreaks. However, you won’t be able to access her campaign without already beating Chris, Leon and Jake’s stories.

On top of that awesome news, there’s a new mode called Agent Hunt. You will take control of a Zombie, C-Virus Mutation or J’avo and hunt down human players DURING THEIR GAME SESSIONS, pretty crazy right? You can turn this option off when creating a game session if you don’t want some random Tom, Dick or Harry to join your session and mess everything up for you. To access Agent Hunt Mode, all you have to do is beat the single player with either Leon, Chris or Jake to unlock the mode for a second play-through in those campaigns. Here’s more info on how that mode will work:

When creating an RE6 gameplay session a player has the option to allow/not allow Agent Hunt
· When a hunter searches for a session to join they will see whether or not other players from around the world want to allow hunters into their game
· The hunter then picks another player’s session to join and jumps into that session
o Please note only certain stages will be available for Agent Hunt sessions
· The agent side can be either a single human player with an AI partner, or two human players in co-op mode. Up to two separate hunters can join an Agent Hunt session. When a hunter dies they respawn in the same session as a different random enemy from that area.
· If the hunter eliminates the agent then they will be taken to a ‘hunt successful’ results screen where they can join another session if they wish.
· If the agent is eliminated then their game session will end exactly as if they had been playing a standard game session with CPU enemies.
· If the hunter quits the session then the agent’s game continues as normal with all AI enemies.

Ada Wong Gameplay:
[jwplayer config=”HD Age Gated Video Player” mediaid=”8006” plugins=”agegate-1” agegate.minage=”17”]

Agent Hunt Trailer:
[jwplayer config=”HD Age Gated Video Player” mediaid=”8008” plugins=”agegate-1” agegate.minage=”17”]


Notes and Reactions: Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

Lets be honest, before E3 was kicked off by Microsoft no one had really HIGH hopes for big announcements at this years event. That includes Microsoft, boy was I wrong and probably some others as well. Let’s share notes why don’t we..


Halo 4

+ Gameplay Demo
- New enemies shown

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

+ Gameplay Demo showcased
- The marking system has been enhanced so kills can be performed while in motion if upgraded enough.
- New weapon shown that looks like a crossbow with electric arrows
- Voice command with Kinect
- Spring 2013 release window

Madden 13 & FIFA 13
+ Kinect voice command for subs and tactics as well as reaction to calls in FIFA 13
+ Kinect Voice Command In Madden 13 for play calls and audibles and changes at the line.

- Gears Of War: Judgement Trailer Shown
- Forza Horizon trailer shown has October 23, 2012 release date
- Nickelodeon, Machinima, Univision and Paramount partner with Xbox 360
- NBA Gametime & NHL Gamecenter Coming to Xbox 360
- ESPN being expanded to bring 24/7 live streaming content
- Xbox Music announced for Xbox 360 and Windows Mobile Devices
- Nike and Microsoft Partnering up to bring Nike + Training to Xbox 360 Kinect

- Xbox Smart Glass announced and showcase
+ Smart glass lets you transfer video from your tablet to TV
+ Showed off how the smart glass feature can be used with games on the Xbox 360
+ Internet Explorer coming to Xbox 360 this year
+ Smart Glass to ship with Windows 8 and new windows 8 tablets

- Tomb Raider GamePlay Demo
- Ascend New Gods Trailer with 2013 release window
- Loco Cycle Teased with 2013 Release Window
- Matter teased with 2013 Release window and Kinect compatibility

- Resident Evil 6
+ gameplay stage demo
- Shows Leon fighting through zombies with some counter attacks and melee kills

South Park The Stick of Truth
+ March 5, 2013 release date

Dance Central 3
+ Announcement Trailer
+ Usher Performs his New Single “Scream” which is featured on the game

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
+ Gameplay Stage Demo

Thank god for DVR, because I wasn’t home originally for the live broadcast of the press conference, but I was able to watch it with the magic of DVR! Hooraaaay DVR! Anyways, there were a few things that I liked seeing during this press conference. The first thing, the debut of Splinter Cell: Black List, Sam Fish going around shooting bullets into heads and kneecaps. Making me a fan with all of his stylish moves and stealthy kills, fantastic. The Smart Glass feature being added to Xbox 360 which will take your mobile device and tablets, integrate them with your Xbox 360 system and sync up with each other. So for instance, you’re watching a movie on your Xbox 360, you can stop and continue that movie on your Windows Tablet or Mobile Device. I thought that was a pretty cool feature they announced, even the fact you can use this feature with games which completely changes the way you experience play call in a game like Madden. Speaking of Madden, seeing kinect voice command with both FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13 was also cool. I liked seeing it used to make subs and tactic changes on the fly without having to bring up the menu or hit a directional button.

As you can tell, Kinect was on everything, from some of your favorite games to things like the introduction of Internet Explorer for Xbox 360. NBA Gametime and NHL Gamecenter both coming to Xbox along with the ESPN App getting an upgrade to carry more live streaming content. I know when the ESPN app first launch, I had a chance to watch a couple of things through my Xbox instead of switching to the channel that carries my cable provider. I can’t wait to see shows like Mike and Mike in the morning on Xbox 360 if I fall asleep with my Xbox on that is.

One last thing I have to mention that I enjoyed seeing during the conference, Resident Evil 6. While Black Ops 2 closed out the conference and Usher danced his ass off to promote Dance Central 3, Resident Evil brought the excitement of Action Survival Horror. The demo they showed was of Leon and his partner after a crash it look like. They both are fighting their way to an extraction point and on the way to that point you see Leon knifing Zombies and using some Devil May Cry like gun-play.


I have to say that Microsoft brought a lot to the table for everyone to digest. Announcements and game-play of games that weren’t announced yet and that were previously announced. They came in and did what was needed of them to do, focus on both entertainment and gaming. This was a good press conference in my book, even without the mention of GTA V or the rumored Mirrors Edge 2.

Resident Evil 6 Demo from Microsoft Press Conference

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6Icl5u-N1o&w=560&h=315]

I am very excited for Resident Evil 6, even before this they had me sold. The demo makes Leon look even more bad ass than he already was. The DLC for Resident Evil 6 will be launched exclusively on Xbox 360. The game is schedule to release in the beginning of October 2012.